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Frequensea Pro, raw marine phytoplankton. The ultimate superfood for your cells. It is food for everything and may be the very meaning and essence of what food is. There are very few (foods) that provide all, or even most, of the raw materials to make new cells and sustain the existing ones. The problem is that we need all of them at the same time for things to work. One of those rare products that contains almost everything you need for life (and the rebuilding of cells) is marine phytoplankton.
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Frequensea Pro

Raw Marine Phytoplankton; the ultimate superfood for your cells

“Scientific Breakthrough in Nano-Nutrition Unlocks the #1 Secret to Help You Live Longer Gain ENERGY, Improve Mental Cognition and Actually Age BACKWARDS!”


Marine Phytoplankton holds the power to change your life and health, FOREVER. It not only has the ability to enhance your health beyond anything you’ve imagined, but it also contains special properties that provide it with a very unique ability to regenerate health. Marine Phytoplankton makes available to us, every amino acid, vitamin, mineral, polysaccharide, or healthy sugars and essential oils that the body needs. Marine Phytoplankton gas fed life as it since the beginning of time. It represents the very foundation of ALL LIFE supporting nutrients. And we know that, according to NASA research, marine-phytoplankton is responsible for producing up to 90% of the Earth’s oxygen, and therefore the very oxygen that keeps us alive.


Marine phytoplankton is not only an important source of oxygen it is a critical food source for ocean life and apparently, for us too. Top health professionals around the world, explain how the trillion cells in our body are always exchanging energy and information (referring to neurotransmitters like hormones, etc). Poor nutrition, stress, and pollution, can damage the cell membrane (the outer wall of the cell) which is soft and flexible, but can eventually harden, making it difficult for nutrients and neurotransmitters to enter the cell and allow the mitochondria to function properly.

But what phytoplankton also does, is it converts things like seawater, minerals, sunlight, CO2 and over 200 living organic life-providing nutrients into a FUEL that your body can use, IMMEDIATELY — at the cellular level! The neat thing about the Marine Phytoplankton Alpha 3CMP blend is that it is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

So you can imagine the unique supercharge of nutrition you’ll feel in your body with this substance!

You can’t get any closer to the original source of life than this…

  • This is where the proliferation of life begins!
  • This is what feeds over 99% of life in the ocean!
  • This is what provides up to 90% of the oxygen we breathe!
  • This is what nourishes and supports all life on our planet!

And that’s why Marine Phytoplankton is the ultimate life-giving food in the world.



Furthermore about your cellmembrane, if the membrane is hardened, once the mitochondria has created energy (ATP process), the waste has a hard time leaving the cell to be discharged making the cells toxic, oxidized,
inflamed with less mitochondrial function, which is believed to be one of the causes that lead to degenerative disease.

Our Marine Phytoplankton Alpha3CMP in FrequenSea PRO supports a healthy cell membrane, promotes energy, vitality and is an excellent source of micronutrients.he BeautyStrips System has been specifically formulated to amplify your timeless beauty and restore your skin’s naturally youthful energy.



  1. Marine Phytoplankton – Considered by health experts to be a superfood. The Alpha3 CMP technology recreates the spring bloom, producing hundreds of species of marine phytoplankton, and opens
    the phytoplankton cells making the nutrients bioavailable for the human body. Some benefits of these microscopic organisms documented in medical literature include: 1) Immune system support. 2) immune system cell enhancement. 3) Contributes to building blood cells. 4) Promotes the development of healthy cells.
  2. Astaxanthin – One of the most powerful natural antioxidants to support the cells in the body and is 65 times stronger than vitamin C.  It also supports the body to protect against radiation and promotes
    eye, brain and heart health.
  3. Frankincense – It may help relieve chronic stress and anxiety. It’s been used to assist with pain management and inflammation and to
    support the immune system to help maintaining healthy cellular function.
  4. Prebiotics – Helps reduce inflammation, promotes a healthy colon, and enhances the bioavailability and uptake of minerals.
  5. Non GMO Açaí and Mixed Berry Blend – Contain antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats.
  6. Ginger Root – Contains elements that may reduce inflammation. Researchers believe these may also work in the brain and nervous system.
    Aloe Vera – Antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


Mix contents of one packet into 2+ ounces of water, with or without a meal, once daily.

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Frequensea Pro contains Marine Phytoplankton & healthy ingredients using trans armor technology for optimum nutrient absorption.